Mission + Vision

our history

Our programs are design to show our clients how to get the results they need.

ReachBack Foundation enjoys broad local support and together we are changing lives.

Is to take inner city kids and the poor and help them become an asset to our community.

I grew up in the projects and became a teenage mother at sixteen. I had two kids in college and at age twenty three I had

four. I went from welfare to the owner of several business. The poor are a diamond in the rough. They need to be cultivated. It's amazing what can be done when we come together. We give a fish while teaching how to fish.

Sandra Henry

Current Fundraising Projects: Food Truck To Feed Kids For Free And Disaster Relief, Building, Freezer Truck, School Supplies and Construction Job Boot Camp Certification.

May 2000 – ReachBack Foundation INC. Raised the funds to send a local high school student to Spain to represent the USA  in basketball through People to People Sports Ambassador.

December 2004 – The ReachBack Foundation provided toys, clothing and bikes for Christmas to homeless children affected by hurricane Charley. 

March 2008 – Initiated our feed the homeless drive. We delivered food to senior citizen facilities and give the homeless a hot meal. 

June 2011 -- Started our Summer Food program for 70-100 kids per day.  Providing the kids with shoes, furniture, clothing, toiletries and school supplies. Explained how what you do today can and will affect the rest of your life. Discuss peer pressure, teen parenting and  how to prepare for college. Our sports boot camp develop team work, anger management and skill enhancement. Guest Speaker Nick Anderson Orlando Magic, Arena Bowl Hall Of Fame Barry Wagner Iron Man Six Years In A Row.

December 2014-- Christmas toy drive and give away event. We provided the families with food , clothing , furniture, toiletries and toys. Needs analysis workshop showing how to put money back into your pocket. Through budgeting, selecting the right insurance plan, cooking healthy balanced meals, money management and educational rehabilitation.

May 2015-- Basketball training camp for inner city kids. Developing the mind, body and character through conditioning, lectures and workshops. Future Prospects WGH Developmental Coach Preston Henry help kids take their skills to the next level.

​December 2016--Give over a hundred kids shoes, luxury bath towels.and toiletries to the students at Jones High School and Just Dance School of the Arts Christmas Event

January- December 2017 Feeding the homeless and delivering food to seniors. Provided food and drinks for Just Dance School Of The Arts doing the Sanford Martin Luther King Celebration. Back to school events through out Florida. Provided Furniture, toiletries, lien, cleaning supplies to flood victims in the Pine Hills area. Coats, shoes, toiletries giveaway for Jones High School JV Basketball team with a season record of 17-3 . Coat giveaway at Just Dance School Of The Arts in Sanford. Showed Love to families displaced from Puerto Rico at the Englewood Community Center. We feed them had live performances, gave the kids Christmas gifts, sheets, toiletries, pillows and food to take home.

April 2018- Provided 125 meals each for two night in New York for Jones High School Carnegie Hall Event.

August 2018 Back To School Events I Orange ,Seminole And Poke Counties for 1,000 kids. Christmas giveaway for 350 families in Sanford Florida. Provided shoes, clothing, toiletries and candy for 20 Sanford College students. Provided food, toys, shoes and toiletries for Just Dance School Of The Arts for Christmas. January-February 2019 Event For Federal

Employees, Seminole County Department Of Transportation and Jones High School Tiger Pride Day.