Sandra Henry/ Humanitarian

US State Representative District 7 ( Seminole County)

Sandra Henry has spent her live helping the less fortunate. Being a teenage mom and a single parent of 4 kids I know the challenges to survive. I went from welfare to the owner of several business. As the Founder of ReachBack Foundation Inc I has seen the pain and suffering and knows what it is going to take to turn this country around. When you build a house you don't start with the roof because it will not support itself. You have to start with the dirt to build the footer that support the walls and the roof. In order for this country to be successful we have invest in the poor which is our foundation. We need work readiness programs , on the job training, STEM classes in every low income school and living wages.  As a small business owner of several business I understood that even-though I am employing people they were helping me pay my bills and because I could not do it all by myself, their help made me more money. My staff was an asset and had value to my business. This is the key part of business Corporate America is missing. There are people getting up at 4 am to go to work and do not make $500 dollars a week and can not make their ends meet. Seniors are eating pet food because they can not afford the medication and pay for food. I am a candidate that is in-touched with and can relate to the needs of poor people. The lack of resources in the inner city is a major factor in the increase in crime. You have people who have to steel to eat and kids who have to steel to get a new pair of shoes. Families and Veterans living on the streets and young adults with and without kids are forced to move back home with their parents because of the lack of affordable housing and daycare rate over $1500 a month. Teachers who are quitting their jobs because of the low pay and student loans. High Deductible health plans and outrageous premiums is leaving employees with less money to pay their bills. Please go to to see what I a doing in the Central Florida areas. My goal is to change lives for generations.
The following are my focus areas:

Supporting Teachers,Small Business Owners,Seniors,

Gun Violence, Sex Trafficking, Affordable Housing,

Homelessness, Veterans, At Risk Youth, Poverty, The

Working Poor, Hunger, Advance Education, Drugs,

Crime Prevention, Love & Unity

Vote For Me Because I have Been There!!!!